Mini Lift 24


Mini lift 24 is a little electric lift conceived for retracting TVs in a furniture: it’s perfect to hide monitors and TVs in desk worktops or in multimedia tables.
This retractable TV system allows to create special interiors with extremely neat designs.
Thanks to its versatility, it’s the best solution for conference rooms, hotels and schools.
Mini lift is very resistant and silent: it presents the auto power off system of the screen and the accident prevention system.
For a perfect vision, the screen inclination can be set by two buttons placed in a black or argent anodized aluminum surface.
The control box with microprocessor controls in synchrony both the door and the lifting motor.


• 17”, 19”, 22”, 24” monitors
• Anti-shock
• Accident prevention protection
• Manual or remote control
• Monitor inclination control
• Box dimension: 464 x 142 x 650 mm
• Lifting time: < 20 s
• Lifting noise: < 30 Db
• Power supply tension: 220 AC; 50/60 Hz
• Weight: 22 Kg


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