Ultimate 400



Ultimate 400 is a motorized wall mount designed to be installed inside a wall recess or in a paneling: it allows to push your TV on and swivel it of 90 degrees.
The mount is pushed on by a powerful low-voltage electric piston: the forward movement measures 40 cm and is controlled by a limit switch.
It’s possible to set Ultimate’s rotation towards left or right and it supports TV from 40 to 65 inches.
Tv monitor is fixed and placed with hitches and holes VESA 300 – 400.
Ultimate 400 can be started up by a 2-channel remote control, which is included, or connected to the domotics through free contacts.
The control box, heart of the system, controls and manages each mechanism operation, included every security device.
The detective edges (extras) can be installed directly on the mount and, in case of collision or crushing, they are able to stop or reverse the movement, allowing to remove the obstacle.
Each Archimede version is entirely handmade with care in our workshop.

Ultimate 400 is a very low voltage product (24 Vdc), CE marked at GSD laboratory of Pisa.


• Stabilized power supply 110/240 V – 50/60 Hz
• 2-channel remote control

Extra accessories:

• Pressure-sensitive edges
• Electronic device that starts the mechanism when turning on TV and switches it off when turning off TV
• Communication interface for computerized home environment systems

We create custom made mechanism by request.

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